About Me

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I’m a home cook and have never had any professional culinary training. That being said, cooking and making a meal for people I care about is one of my greatest passions and pleasures in life. I enjoy having friends and family over and preparing a meal for them and am likewise thrilled to the core when someone invites me into their home and prepares a meal for me. I know for some this is not an easy task and can cause much stress and anxiety. Kitchen Moxie can help! Through organization, preparation and  inspiration you can find the confidence to entertain with elegance and ease – enjoying the evening as much as the guests will.

You may ask what experience I have if I’m only a home cook. In addition to numerous dinner parties and themed parties I host throughout the year, I cook for and host our annual Robert Burns Night, which is a black-tie, four-course dinner for almost thirty. Presenting a meal at home for that many people, while keeping the food hot and keeping my cool (all while wearing a dress and heels), has given me a great deal of experience. Confidence, organization and preparation are the key, and with Kitchen Moxie you, too, can pull off the perfect dinner party!