Through Kitchen Moxie, I hope to encourage more home entertaining – and bring back the art of the dinner party. Back in the ’50s and early ’60s, women were proud of their home cooking prowess and pulled together delicious meals, never forgetting their high heels and lipstick.

In the ’60s, “flower power” took over and we forgot all about the dinner party. As we entered the “me decades” of the ’70s and ’80s, we all became more interested in equal rights and entering the workforce, and we forgot how wonderful home cooking and entertaining can be.

We are now a little bit of a generation lost when it comes to dinner party entertaining and etiquette. We are doing more home cooking, but tend to make reservations rather than welcome people into our homes. My hope is to change that, to help people find their courage in the kitchen and harken back to the days of great conversation shared over a wonderful meal around the dining table. There is nothing like pulling together a bunch of eclectic friends and mixing it up over good food and drink!