Be Our Guest – A Guide To Being A Great Dinner Party Guest

  1. Flowers are not an ideal host/ess gift, as they require work on the part of the host who will have enough to do. If you really want to bring flower make sure they are already in a vase or even nicer, a pretty jug that your host can repurpose. See my Perfect Hostess Gifts.
  2. Don’t sit until your host does and don’t begin eating until everyone is seated, has been served and your host begins.
  3. If you have a food aversion, please don’t share that information with your host in the middle of the dinner party. Politely and discreetly eat around what you don’t care for and hopefully your host won’t notice.
  4. Don’t ask for anything special. For example if wine and beer are on offer, don’t ask for a vodka tonic. For one your host may not have vodka on hand or may need to direct his/her attention elsewhere at that particular moment.
  5. Please taste your food before you season. Your host has gone to much trouble to properly season the food served and may take offense to excessive additional seasoning.
  6. If you are enjoying the food please make sure to tell your host and be specific about what it is you really like. A lot of work will have gone into the preparation of the meal and it will be much appreciated.
  7. Chances are you will be sitting between two people, neither of whom is likely to be your spouse (partner). Do you best to engage in conversation with both.
  8. Make sure to use the proper silverware throughout your meal. If you are unsure, wait until your host begins and copy what s/he does.
  9. If you are seated near the host, ask if you can be of any assistance in clearing the table or serving. If s/he says no thank-you,  you should take that direction as there may be a reason the host would like to take care of this on their own.
  10. Be sure to send a hand written thank you note; an email the next day just won’t do!