1. Be thoughtful in coming up with a host/ess gift. As you are staying for more than just a meal or party try to be creative and come up with something special. See my Perfect Hostess Gifts.
  2. Make sure to follow the house rules. This especially applies to TV watching habits, bedtime routines, etc.
  3. Offer to help your hosts with preparing meals, setting tables, etc.
  4. As the guest, you should make your way to bed first. This sometimes can be awkward as both the guest and the host are waiting for the other to signal it’s time to turn in for the night. Give your host a chance to close up shop and prepare for tomorrow by being the first to say good night.
  5. Make sure to leave the bathroom used during your stay as you found it. No toothpaste splatters in the sink, rings on the counter, etc.
  6. Make sure at the end of your stay you remove the sheets from the bed and take them to the laundry area.
  7. Before leaving make sure to also take any towels (including the bathroom hand towel & washcloth) to the laundry area. Leave any unused towels folded & stacked.
  8. If your hosts have pets, please make sure to go along with their guidelines,  such as no pets on furniture, no table food, etc.
  9. Your host may tell you to make yourself at home and to help yourself to any food or drink you may like during your stay. Don’t take it too literally, be polite and thoughtful.
  10. Always remember to send a hand written thank you note or depending on how long you stay a bouquet of flowers with an attached note. As with a dinner party thank you note, an email just won’t do!