Be Our Guest – Even Adults Need a Little Help with Ps & Qs

  1. If you don’t care for something that’s served, try to eat around it and not make a fuss. If you are put on the spot, simply say you over indulged on some of the other items and simply cannot finish what’s left on your plate.
  2. If you are unsure of how to eat something or what piece of silverware to use, watch and copy what your host does.
  3. Never cut long pieces of pasta into bits to eat. You should twirl it round your fork in an amount that will easily fit in your mouth.
  4. Never precut any food on your plate. After each cut you should eat the piece, and so on and so forth (precutting food is for babies and toddlers)!
  5. Don’t switch from the using your fork and knife (continental style) to cutting with the knife and fork, putting the knife down and then switching the fork to your right hand to eat.
  6. Don’t butter the entire roll or slice of bread. You should butter only the small piece you’re about to place in your mouth.
  7. When serving your guests always go in and serve on their left side and clear from the right side.
  8. Soup should be sipped from the side of the spoon and the whole spoon should never go in your mouth. You may tilt the bowl forward to spoon out the remaining soup in the bowl.
  9. If you end up with a pit or bone in your mouth that you need to dispose of, discreetly bring your fork or spoon up to your mouth and use the utensil to take it back down to the plate.
  10. Don’t pick your teeth or blow your nose at the table. Excuse yourself and take care of business in the bathroom.