Cooking Basics: GRAVY 101

Gravy Image 1 One thing many home cooks stress over is producing a tasty; lump free, homemade gravy. Gravy is associated with many a holiday meal, but in our house it’s served up most weekends, as part and parcel of our Sunday Family Supper tradition. Gravy may seem tricky; but if you start as you mean to go on (and make it more than once or twice a year), a good gravy is really easy to master and sure to please all gathered around the table.

Whatever meat you are cooking – chicken, beef, pork or turkey, always begin with a bed of some combination of onions, carrots or celery.  When the meat is done cooking and you place it on a cutting board to rest (covered tightly with foil and a dish towel) use the roasting pan to begin your gravy.

What you need: measuring spoons/cups, wooden spoon, fine mesh sieve, warmed gravy boat

  • 1 cup pork, beef, chicken or turkey stock (I like to use 1 Knorr bouillon cube dissolved in 1 cup of boiling water)
  • 1/4 cup red wine or white wine
  • 2 tbs flour
  • bits from the bottom of the pan
  • salt
  • pepper

Before you begin, “spoon” out the extra fat in the pan. This is the yellowish clear liquid. Heat the pan on your stove-top over medium-high heat and add 2 tbs of flour. Use a wooden spoon to mix that in with all the bits on the bottom of the pan – cooking the four. Next add the wine. The alcohol will cook off, but adds some great flavor to the gravy. Once you’ve successfully gotten all the bits off the bottom of the pan, add in about a cup of stock and bring to a boil. Simmer until the gravy is thickened. Pour through a fine sieve to catch all the yucky bits. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

To Serve:  Pour gravy into a heated gravy boat or jug and serve immediately.

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