Gravy can be made very easily if you set it up right from the start. Whatever you’re cooking, be it turkey, chicken, beef or pork, set it up on a bed of sliced onions, carrots & celery. When you take the meat out to rest, you will already have an excellent start to great gravy. Before you begin, use a tablespoon to “spoon” out the extra fat in the pan. This is the yellowish clear liquid. Once this is removed, heat the pan on your stove top on a medium-high heat and add two tablespoon of flour. Mix that up with the veggies in the pan and then add some wine (about a quarter cup) to deglaze the pan. The alcohol will cook off, but adds some great flavor to the gravy. Once you’ve successfully gotten all the bits off the bottom of the pan add in about a cup of broth (turkey, chicken, etc. whatever matches the meat you’ve made) and bring to the boil. Once the gravy is thickened pour it through a sieve to catch all the yucky bits and voila – great gravy ready to serve!

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