If You Have Beautiful China & Silver Why Not Use it?

Coffee Set Image 1 I’m all about making sure you use whatever you have on hand. Most of us have painstakingly picked out our china and silver or have been fortunate enough to inherit some. Instead of just leaving these beautiful things on the shelf collecting dust; next time you have a dinner party, use them. It doesn’t have to be a full matching set; and if the pattern has lost favor with you over the years, just mix it in with some simple white dishes. Express your “moxie” by using the things you love or that evoke memories of people and places from your personal history.

I didn’t register for china or silver when I got married, as I was so very fortunate to have received my parents’ beautiful Royal Albert China and my mother-in-law’s, incredible Mappin & Webb Silver as gifts. Every time we use either of these, there is an amazing connection to our past; and with our children present, a wonderful look into our future. More recently, our Aunt in Toronto passed along her absolutely gorgeous Susie Cooper coffee set. I use it every chance I get. Our guests are thrilled to be served dessert on the gorgeous plates and I know the coffee tastes all the better being poured out of the exquisite pot.

Now, I know it’s easier to throw everything in the dishwasher at the end of the evening, but when you see your table set with these beautiful pieces you love or have some sort of historical meaning for you, hand washing won’t matter so much and believe me your guests will appreciate all the extra effort. Besides … these days most dishwashers have a china setting. So,  don’t leave these beautiful pieces simply collecting dust. Use them and start some memories of your own.

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