Basic Pan Sauce

Make a basic pan sauce – once you’ve seared or browned your meat in a pan, making a pan sauce is very easy, as it’s already been started for you. Simply add some finely chopped onions, some garlic or a combination of both and then deglaze the pan with a little citrus, wine or broth. Once you get all the bits off the bottom of the pan (sort of like making gravy) reduce down the liquid. You can use herbs to add more flavor – think of what goes with your dish & be creative. Take the sauce off the heat and add a little chilled butter (one or two pats) to thicken or you can add corn starch in place of the butter. Just make sure to add cold water to create a paste with the corn starch  first and then add to the sauce. Taste it for seasoning and you are good to go.

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