The Dinner Party

  1. Olive oil and/or spices, salt or pepper (sea salt and flavored pepper)
  2. Room fragrance sprays or diffusers
  3. Neutral linens – dish towels, place mats, napkins
  4. Drinks or wine coasters
  5. Small serving bowl, plate and/or cheese knives
  6. Table topics
  7. Decorative wine stoppers
  8. Loo books – check out
  9. Tea light candles or taper candles in neutral colors (odorless)
  10. Serving pieces – salad servers, cake lift, etc.

Overnight Stay

  1. Beautiful potted plant (indoor or outdoor depending on the season)
  2. Give certificate for a favorite local restaurant. – check out
  3. Throw or blanket in a neutral color
  4. Selection of tea or coffee – for tea try
  5. Wine and chocolates
  6. Platter or other serving piece
  7. Set of specialty glasses (martini, margarita, champagne, etc.)
  8. Jams, jellies, pancake mix with spatula or whisk – look at
  9. Family Movie Night Basket – dvds, popcorn boxes (you could even put their names on the boxes), microwave popcorn & movie theater candy
  10. Decorative soaps or hand creams