Pot – A large two handled pan for cooking larger amounts of food. I love Le Creuset pots as they are super heavy bottomed and make it a little easier not to burn the food you’re cooking inside.

Sauce pan – A smaller pot usually with one handle, used to cook smaller amounts of food.

Frying pan – A round flat bottomed pan used to cook food quickly. It is great for browning & of course frying. Think pan sauce. All those great bits at the bottom of the pan!

Nonstick frying pan – Is a frying pan with a non-stick surface. Make sure not to use metal spatulas or utensils that could scratch the non-stick surface. Don’t use a non-stick pan if you are making a pan sauce or want the bits from the bottom of the pan. Non-stick pans don’t build up the bits!

Grill pan – It’s what gives us the nice lines on food when the BBQ grill is not accessible. This never happens at my house! I’ll put on the snow boots and use the windshield brush from our car to get the snow off and get that baby fired up.

Sauté pan – Used to brown or sauté in. Has a higher side than a frying pan, but not as high as a sauce pan – something in the middle.

Saucier – Perfect for making sauces in and with its curved side edges stirring couldn’t be easier!

Stock Pot – A very large pot usually used to make … you guessed it stock! Also, ideal for soups, cooking pasta or anything requiring a lot of liquid.

Casserole/Dutch Oven – I love my cast iron casserole dish. Great for stews, one pot dishes. Slow all day kind of cooking.

Wok – Typically used in Asian cuisine, but I use mine when I need a deep not stick frying pan/skillet. It’s great for stir fry and etouffee!

Paella pan – Traditional skillet used in Spain for slow cooked rice dishes. Great one pot meal. Yummy!

Tagine – Traditional North African “casserole.” Used to slow cook and keep moisture in. Believe it or not every once in while you can find one of these at places like Homegoods or TJ Maxx.