Sweetheart of a Centerpiece

Valentine's Day Centerpiece Image 5 Valentine's Day Centerpiece Image 1 Valentine’s Day is sort of a big deal in our house. Not only was my first date with my husband on Valentine’s Day (another story for another day), but we also got engaged on Valentine’s Day. Now, way back when, we would make the entire day all about us (and why not, right?), but many wonderful years, three great kiddos and one sweet labradoodle later, even though we still manage to carve out some ‘us’ time, we love to celebrate St. Valentine with the family.

A few days before cupid’s arrow hits, I make up some fun candy inspired centerpieces – one for the dining table and one for the kitchen table. I use store bought flowers in festive colors and pair them with our favorite Valentine’s Day candy. This year I went with tulips (one of my favorite flowers and perfect for centerpieces and they have very little fragrance) and my boys helped me choose the candy- keeping in mind they would get to share the spoils of the leftovers. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s how to make your very own Sweetheart Centerpiece …

Valentine's Day Centerpiece Image 8

Start by getting some large bags of your favorite Valentine candy – m & m’s, candy hearts, Hershey’s kisses – you decide.

Pick up some supermarket flowers – go with reds, whites and pinks.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece Image 4

Pick a short vase with a wide opening that you can fit a small glass inside. A juice glass or slim bar glass will work well.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece Image 3

Place the small glass inside the vase and carefully pour the candy pieces into the space between the small glass and the vase.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece Image 5

Once you fill the ‘outer’ vase with the candy, fill the small center glass with water.

Trim your flowers to size. Cut the first flower and insert to see how it looks. Once your satisfied, use that as a guide for the remaining flowers.Place the flowers inside vase.  Valentine's Day Centerpiece Image 6

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