Turn Your Valentine Celebration Into a Family Affair

Valentine's Family Dinner Weren’t able to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant or book a sitter?  No worries. This year why not turn your Valentine’s Day celebration into family affair? Gather all your sweethearts round the dining table and enjoy a very special family supper.

  • Get dressed up! Just because you are staying in doesn’t mean you can’t dress for the occasion. Have the boys – big and small – wear a shirt and tie and have the girls don their party dresses.
  • Start off the evening with a bottle of bubbly. Try some Prosecco or Cava, great substitutes for pricey champagne. And don’t forget a bottle of sparkling grape juice for the little ones. Use champagne flutes and take turns making toasts throughout the evening.
  • For hors d’oeuvres a simple cheese board with fresh strawberries and individual crudité are sure to please the grown-ups and kids alike.
  • Have everyone help set the table and get the children involved in making Valentine’s Day placecards – trace hearts out of Valentine’s gift bags or wrapping paper and use a marker to write each family member’s name.
  • Ditch the red long stem red roses and instead, fill a vase with Sweetheart candies or Hershey kisses for a fun and festive table centerpiece.
  • Make the kids feel special by giving them each a specific job during the meal -  helping to serve, clearing the plates, pouring water or practicing their table manners and proper eating etiquette.
  • For a first course go with fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato pizza. Super kid friendly, but will make the adults happy too. Use Naan bread as a base, layer on the other ingredients and bake until the cheese is melted.
  • Pick a family favorite as your main course – a hearty lasagna or stew that can be made ahead. The idea is to keep your kitchen time to a minimum, allowing you to enjoy the evening spending time with the ones you love.
  • For dessert use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make puff pastry Apple Tarts. Top with apple slices, melted butter, brown sugar and bake or turn your favorite cupcake recipe into heart shapes by using marbles to create the shape before baking.
  • Lastly,  and most importantly, enjoy the precious family time and share your special love story with your children. Growing up, I loved to hear stories of my parent’s courtship and details of their wedding. Your children will too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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